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Bray, Co. Wicklow.
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This relaxing and invigorating Indian Head Massage is linked to the ancient Ayurvedic medicine of India. Traditionally practised by Indian women in their homes, treatment is given to the head, face, shoulders, and neck.

Indian Head Massage TreatmentSome of the many benefits can include:

  • muscle relaxation
  • relief from neck and shoulder stiffness
  • loosening of the scalp
  • improved circulation of blood providing more oxygen to the brain and better concentration
  • relief from tension headaches
  • stress reduction

'We all have a choice. We can live in the “fast lane”. Pushing ourselves hard from one experience to the next, until one day we can push ourselves no more; or we can turn off the superhighway to follow quieter, slower roads that encourage our driving skills, rather than our driving speed. Ultimately, we may reach the same destination. However, the different routes by which we travel there will determine the state of our mind and body on arrival'.
Mike George, Learn to Relax.

Hibernian Aviva Health now offers cover for massage. More info here.