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Bray, Co. Wicklow.
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Shirley McClure is a Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher Registered with the Shiatsu Society of Ireland (R.P.S.S.I.-T). She graduated from the Irish School of Shiatsu in 1992 & completed a 1-year post-graduate training with the Shiatsu College (, Norwich in 1995.

Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Shirley McClureFollowing a Teacher Training course with the Irish School of Shiatsu, she registered as a Teacher with the Shiatsu Society of Ireland in 1999. She has done further training (C.P.D.) with many teachers including Carola Beresford-Cooke, Ray Ridolfi, Bill Palmer, Rex Lasalle, Dinah John, Sonia Moriceau and Paul Lundberg.

From 1999 to 2008, she taught on professional training courses with the Irish School of Shiatsu. She has also taught with the Shiatsu College Sligo, the Shiatsu College Belfast & has served on the Accreditation Panel of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland.

With a background in Community Work & Adult Education, Shirley has been working with individuals & groups for over 20 years. She has undertaken training in teaching, facilitation skills & Personal Effectiveness. She participated in the Shiatsu Society of Ireland training course for supervisors/ mentors.

What is Professional Supervision ?

Professional Supervision or Mentoring involves helping you to reflect on your Shiatsu practice through listening, support, guided problem-solving & constructive feedback. An element of practical skills coaching is also included.

Who can benefit from Professional Supervision?

Professional Supervision can be of value to anyone who has completed a training with a school of Shiatsu:

  • Recent graduates planning to apply for S.S.I. accreditation
  • Practitioners who graduated some time ago but have not yet registered with the society
  • R.P.S.S.I.s seeking on-going mentoring.

Benefits of Supervision

The role of Shiatsu Practitioner can often be quite an isolated one: usually self-employed, working alone, & in a therapy which is still not widely-known in this country, it is easy to lose confidence.

Mentoring/ supervision provides you with a space to evaluate & plan your work in a supportive & confidential setting. The sessions are led by you, with an opportunity to look at any aspect of your work from setting up a practice & promotion, to client issues, to practical Shiatsu.

The Contract

If you decide to engage in Supervision, Shirley & you will make an initial contract to meet for a limited number of sessions, e.g. 4-6. Meetings may be every 4-6 weeks, whatever you decide. When this series is completed & reviewed, you may or may not decide to renew your contract.

The duration of a session will be either 1 or 1.5 hours for 1-1 meetings; 1.5 hours or longer for pairs or small group supervision.
The contract will state your specific personal learning goals, & regular evaluation will take place on the extent to which these are being met.

How to set up supervision

If you wish to discuss the possibility of setting up Supervision sessions, either just for yourself or as along with a colleague or small group, please contact Shirley at the above number. Sessions will be in Bray.